I got listed as a “Top Writer in Oncology” on Quora today!

In case you’re not familiar, Quora is a questions / answers website that’s existed since 2010.  You can find some interesting stories (and really helpful explanations) about different widely available topics.  I actually check it fairly frequently when there’s something I’m struggling with.

Last month I decided to start contributing answers to questions under the Oncology topic.  One of the things I’m really interested in regarding medicine is communication and decision making (not just among physicians and in research, but especially with patients).  Based on my work at Moores, I feel pretty comfortable answering some basic clinical trials related questions or talking about my experiences with patients in that environment.

Color me surprised when I got listed as a top writer today.


Granted, I’ve only answered three questions, but I’m glad they left a positive contribution in one way or another.

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